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"I participated in a 3 month internship with APNM right after college as a way to ease myself into the working world. During that time, I assisted APNM's dedicated staff with projects and campaigns aimed at improving conditions for companion animals in New Mexico. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with other nonprofit groups on wildlife conservation and predator control issues. By the end of my internship, I had acquired a great deal of knowledge about animal issues in the state, and what it takes to run a successful nonprofit organization. I highly recommend APNM's internship for anyone interested in a career as an animal activist."

-Erika Stueck, Wildlife Biologist

Interested in making a real difference to promote animal welfare in the state of New Mexico? APNM's Internship Program is designed to put people directly in touch with the inner workings of the animal rights movement and the way in which our organization operates every day.

Founded in 1979, APNM is New Mexico's largest statewide animal rights organization. Our mission is to advocate the rights of animals by effecting systemic change, resulting in the humane treatment of all animals.  APNM focuses its efforts on education and outreach, and campaigns for change.  Please refer to our Core Programs here.

Following are some of the areas in which interns may spend some or all of their time during their internship:

CAMPAIGN RESEARCH: APNM is involved in investigating and exposing a variety of incidents of animal cruelty in New Mexico.  Campaigns require meticulous library and online research, field investigations, legal research, photography/videography, documentation, media work and hundreds of other behind-the-scenes tasks to inform the public of animal abuse.

THE CARE NETWORK: Our Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) Network provides life-saving help for the animals of domestic violence victims.  The network provides temporary care allowing the victim to leave the abusive situation. Sometimes, an abuser will threaten, harm or even kill animals to intimidate a family member. APNM seeks a dedicated intern to help update our CARE Network and make sure domestic violence shelters, law enforcement agencies, social workers, emergency rooms and community centers know about The Link between animal cruelty and family violence. Read more about the CARE Network here.

DIGITAL ARCHIVING: After over 31 years of operation, APNM has accumulated a lot of historical files about our great work. In fact we’ve practically filled an entire basement with files, pictures, old newsletters and more!  We are seeking a dedicated intern who can use their talents to scan and organize historical documents for compact digital storage.

You CAN Make A Difference In The Lives of Animals

Overall, working with APNM can be very exciting, but very demanding as well. Interns are considered part of the APNM staff and, as such, must be flexible and able to switch from one project to another as necessary. We depend a great deal on our interns and appreciate their patience and hard work. In turn, we are confident that our intern program is a beneficial and effective animal movement experience.

APNM internships are performed on a volunteer basis and will require a minimum time commitment to accomplish assigned responsibilities. Since intern housing is not available, interns must provide their own housing.

To be considered for an internship with APNM, and download an application form.  There are no deadlines for internship applications. We receive applications year-round and make a decision within two weeks of receiving the application.

Download APNM Internship Application:
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Please email you application, resumé and letters of recommendation to the address listed on the form, or mail to:

P.O. Box 11395
Albuquerque, NM 8719

We appreciate for your interest in the program, or passing on this page to someone who might want to join our team to continue making a difference for animals.


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