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Modern Music with a Message

"In the vein of hard core;
Giving a voice to the voiceless through
intense sounds and thought-provoking lyrics."

Animal Protection of New Mexico is proud to present a new compilation CD featuring artists with a passion for more than just hard-hitting music. This rare collection won’t be found in most record stores. COUNTER FRICTION samples 17 bands from across the world including: As We Fight, Nobody Left Behind, With These Weapons and Vegan Death Squad.

This limited-edition album is a score for fans of cutting-edge music. Or makes a great gift!

Only $5 plus $2 shipping & handling!

CD Tracks - click for mp3 sample:
(note: some songs contain explicit lyrics)

1. Follow - Through (New Mexico)
2. Cherem - One More Day (Utah)
3.The Contender - 85 Lives A Year (Texas)
4. Purified in Blood - Forfeit (Norway)
5.Who Bleeds First - If We Knew Then (Pennsylvania)
6. Die Young - Drawn in Quarters (Texas)
7. Purification - War-paint (Italy)
8. As We Fight - Catalyst of Terror (Denmark)
9.With These Weapons - No Regrets No Remorse (New Mexico)
10. Coma Recovery - Chasing Your Truth (New Mexico)
11.Any Last Words - Untitled (New Mexico/Minnesota)
12. Greyskull - Vegan Death Squad (Washington)
13. Caustic Lye - Foundations Shaken (New Mexico)
14. Nobody Left Behind - Nobody Left Behind (New York)
15.Abandon All Hope - Fira (New Mexico)
16.Westwood Tigers - Listen, Corey Matthews (New Mexico)
17.With These Weapons - Cross the Line (New Mexico)



Special Edition Set of 16 Note Cards with Envelopes

Celebrating Animals, a 16 note card set filled with the stunning and insightful artwork of children who have learned respect and empathy for other species. This unique collaborative project blending art and activism will surprise, amuse and inspire you. Each card in the set has a different image. Proceeds of these note cards will be shared by APNM and the Oz School. Now $5!


APNM Chimp Tag Program

APNM is offering its members a special opportunity to purchase chimpanzee freedom tags for just $20 each (with free shipping). Tags are available for the more than 200 chimpanzees held captive by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) at Holloman Air Force Base, and for the chimpanzees retired to the Save the Chimps sanctuaries in New Mexico and Florida.

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Misc. Items

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Counter Friction Cd

Celebrating Animals Note Cards

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