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Riding bikes. Jumping through hoops. Standing on one’s head. Dancing. These are things animals in the wild never do.

Animals used in circuses lead extremely stressful and unnatural lives, and are usually beaten and otherwise abused while they are being trained. Lions, tigers, bears, and elephants are wild animals; they will never be completely predictable when performing these unnatural, difficult, and often painful stunts. Trainers use brute force to maintain a position of dominance through fear and humiliation. And when animals are not being trained or performing, they are confined in tiny cages, railroad cars, or trucks for up to 50 weeks each year.

Some defend animal acts with the notion that they entertain children who may never otherwise have a chance to see these animals. But what message does the children take away? Surely it is not one of compassion and respect.

The cruel circus existence is no life for a wild animal.

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