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Do you love giving gifts and sharing joy during the holidays?

We know a few research veteran chimps with holiday wishes –
and it won’t cost you anything but your time.



At 53 years old, Flo is the oldest chimp at Alamogordo Primate Facility. Flo has chronic weight loss, anemia and cardiac arrhythmias. In the 38 years Flo has been in New Mexico, she has been chemically immobilized at least 115 times, injected with irritating chemicals and had convulsions during and after anesthesia.

Flo’s wish: Learn about Governor Richardson’s historic advocacy for chimps and send the Governor a thank you. Read the Governor’s complaint and watch the press conference to see his tremendous work for our friends.


Nicole makes quite the impression on care staff, as you can tell from this testimonial: “Nicole was my best chimp buddy! …She was very easy to recognize because she had the most distinct, light brown eyes. She was beautiful, sensitive and gentle. Nicole tended to be very submissive. We would sit with each other every day. She had the most incredible sense of musical timing. I would sing to her and with the back of her hand she would take her nails and strum them across the chain link cage twice *Plink Plink* and then clap her hands twice *Clap Clap*. She would do this series of plinks and claps (always twice) in perfect rhythm to the song I was singing at the time”   – Holly, former maintenance worker

Nicole’s wish: Write or email National Institutes of Health and ask them to move on from using chimpanzees in invasive research. You can use our easy email link from RetireTheChimps.org, or compose your own personal letter and send to the address listed at the website.


At 12, Robbie is the youngest Alamogordo Primate Facility chimpanzee. Both of his parents were Air Force chimps and his sister, Chandra, is safe today at the sanctuary, Save the Chimps. Robbie was born after the federal breeding moratorium on research chimpanzees.

Robbie’s wish: Tell five friends about the plight of the Alamogordo Primate Facility chimpanzees and how retiring them in New Mexico will save taxpayer dollars. Help make Robbie’s holiday bright by sharing this information with your friends and family and asking them to take action.

Efforts to save the APF chimps are in the running for one of the top ten stories of 2010 in New Mexico! And the City of Alamogordo just passed a resolution supporting “the health, safety and well-being” of the chimps at Holloman by keeping them out of invasive research. Thank you to everyone who has written, emailed, made a phone call or spoke to someone in person to get the word out about the APF chimps.

Animal Protection of New Mexico could not lead this campaign without your generous support. Thank you for being a member – if you’re not yet, please join today. You can also give a gift certificate this holiday season to support our work for animals. Together we are an effective, focused voice for our friends!



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