Beaver Dam Flow Device Training
December 2007


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Part 1 | Part 2

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Beavers and their dams often cause real problems for property owners along the streams and waterways where they live. Restrained by manpower and budgets, state and federal agencies mandated to assist these landowners have historically used lethal trapping methods to simply kill and remove beavers. Increasingly, the many benefits of keeping beavers at work in their habitat are being recognized, and agencies are seeking ways to mitigate flood damage without removing beavers from the system. The installation of integrated flow devices into beaver dams and culverts by agencies and landowners has proven to be a relatively simple, inexpensive, and effective method of averting damaging floods. Flow devices are proving their worth in conserving beavers and their important contribution to the ecosystem, while meeting human needs to protect roads, crops and property.

This DVD contains footage of actual flow device creation and installations during a two-day training workshop hosted by Animal Protection of New Mexico. The workshop was conducted by Skip Lisle, president of Beaver Deceivers International, at the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex south of Belen, New Mexico, in December 2007.



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    This hands-on training demonstrates:
  • how to determine what type of flow device is required for different types of sites,
  • the materials used to build the device, and
  • how to assemble and install them in both streams and culverts.

Watch the training video online:

Part 1 | Part 2


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